Terms and Conditions

  1. The Flybuys “Find the Prezzie” promotion (Promotion) is run by Loyalty New Zealand Limited (Loyalty NZ) and is governed by these terms and conditions and the Flybuys Membership Terms and Conditions, and the Flybuys Reward Currency Terms and Conditions available at flybuys.co.nz (together the Terms and Conditions). Each term used but not defined in these terms and conditions has the meaning given to it in the Flybuys Membership Terms and Conditions.

Promotional Period and Participating Partners
  1. The Promotion runs from 12.01am on 1 September 2021 to 11.59pm on 30 September 2021 (Promotional Period).
  2. The Flybuys partners who are participating in the Promotion (each a Participating Partner) are; New World, Z Energy, Caltex, Noel Leeming, Liquorland, Henry’s, iSubscribe, State, BNZ, Torpedo7, Harrisons, Colmar Brunton, Petcover, Clearly, Elgas, Europcar, helloworld Travel.

The Prizes
  1. There is a total of 28,350 individual prizes of either 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500 or 1,000 Flybuys each (each a Prize).
  2. The number of Prizes of each amount of Flybuys is:

Prize Total Prizes
50 28,110
100 90
150 90
200 60
250 60
500 30
1000 30
making up a total prize pool for the Promotion of 1,500,000 Flybuys.
  1. Each Prize will be available to be won on a particular day of the Promotion Period (Daily Prize Allocation). If a Prize is not won on the day of the Promotion Period to which it is allocated, the Prize will be included in the next day’s Daily Prize Allocation.
  2. Prizes are not exchangeable, non-transferrable, and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  3. Prizes are subject to the Flybuys Membership and Reward Currency Terms and Conditions, available at www.flybuys.co.nz.

How Prizes can be won
  1. Members can win Prizes by:
    1. clicking on Prezzies hidden on the Flybuys website and websites of selected Participating Partners; and
    2. scanning the QR code on posters or points of sale (Prezzies) hidden in-store at selected partners throughout New Zealand (depending on Covid-19 alert level(s) around the country;
    to see if they reveal a Prize.
  2. Not all Prezzies will reveal a Prize. Subject to paragraph 15, the Prezzies that reveal a Prize will be selected at random by computer algorithm.
  3. Prizes are only available to be won on each day of the Promotion Period while the Daily Prize Allocation for that day lasts.
  4. Clues to the location of Prezzies will be available at flybuysprezzies.co.nz and will be updated periodically throughout the Promotion Period.
  5. Loyalty NZ shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure that each Prize is credited to the winner’s Flybuys account within 10 business days of the winner revealing the Prize.
  6. Prizes will automatically convert from Flybuys into the Reward Currency selected for each Flybuys account at the time of processing.

Prize winner eligibility
  1. Each Member may win a maximum of one Prize per Participating Partner on each day of the Promotion Period.
  2. If a Member reveals one or more Prizes on any day of the Promotion Period, that Member is still eligible to reveal one or more Prizes on the other days of the Promotion Period.
  3. To be eligible to win any Prize, the Account Owner’s Flybuys account details must be complete (including a phone number) and up to date.
  4. Loyalty NZ may, at its discretion, deem that a Member is not eligible to win a Prize if for any reason that Prize was gained as a result of tampering with the Promotion process.
  5. Unless Loyalty NZ otherwise agrees, to be eligible to win a Prize, Members must consent to their name and/or image being used on Flybuys’ Facebook page or the Flybuys website for an unlimited period of time, without remuneration, for the purpose of promoting the Promotion (including any outcome) and the Flybuys programme.

Questions about the Promotion
  1. Any questions about the Promotion should be referred to the online contact form (https://www.flybuys.co.nz/tips-and-tricks/contact-us) or the Service Centre on 0800 Flybuys (0800 359 2897).

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